Neighborhood Vision, Design Principles, and Design Concepts

RRCO Neighborhood Design Charrettes and Meetings

UO Professor Mark Gillem and UO graduate students Erik Bishoff, Sheena Shook, and Jess Golden worked with the River Road Community Organization (RRCO) between February and May of 2007 to conduct several neighborhood design charrettes and to talk with our board and area residents about planning goals, principles, and design options for a Mixed Use Center or Corridor within the Rasor Park Study Area.  Here are the results of this work to date, as transcribed and interpreted by Mark, Erik, and the other students.  We welcome your comments on the form below.

Vision Statement:  
Gateway to the Greenway

“The Rasor Park Mixed Use Center shall be developed in an environmentally responsible way
while promoting the social values of the community.”

Preferred Alternative:

Design Principles:

The Land Ethic
Riverfront Linear Park
Site Repair
Land Swaps
The Built Form
Multiway Boulevard
Mixed Use Buildings
Commercial Nodes
Gateway Buildings
Tapered Densities
Hidden and On Street Parking
Street-side Buildings
The Commonwealth
Connection to the River
Eyes on the River
Safe Crossings
Civic Buildings

More Details of the Concept Design Principles, and Process:
Details of Central Plaza
Notes from Design Charrettes and Reviews (Word file download)

Alternative Conceptual Drawings

Design Alternative 1
Design Alternative 2
Design Alternative 3
Design Alternative 4

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